About Gabriella

The face behind team gabby jean!

Gabriella was born 8 weeks early at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She is missing the radial bone in each forearm. This causes her wrists to bend inward and as a result, she is missing both thumbs. She will eventually have a pollicization surgery to remove her index fingers and place it where her thumbs should be. This will allow her to have a better grasp. There is an option to have another surgery to correct her wrist placement. However, her surgeon does not feel that she is a good candidate for the operation at this point. It would be purely cosmetic and she would lose significant function. 

After some very extensive genetic testing, they were not able to find any reasoning for this issue or any related syndromes. Because of the unknown, there is always a slight possibility of finding something later on. But hopefully not!

Gabriella has had eight other surgeries so far. One was a shunt placement surgery, two tethered (spinal) cord release surgeries, and two shunt malfunction procedures. Additionally, she has had a g-tube placement, a suprapubic catheter placement, a replacement for the catheter, then finally a vesicostomy procedure. Hopefully that's it for a while!

She receives weekly occupational, physical, feeding, and aqua therapy. She wears custom splints at night to keep her wrists mobile. She is growing like a weed and the face of pure joy! Thank you so much for your prayers support for our sweet girl! 

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